Crucial Accountability & Crucial Conversations

This is a summary article that includes all the posts about crucial accountability and crucial conversations.

Crucial Accountability

“Crucial Accountability” dives into the often challenging issue of addressing failed promises and unmet expectations. The book shares tools and steps for holding friends, family, and colleagues accountable for their actions, and enabling them to fulfill commitments and meet future expectations.

We’re learning to fight our natural tendency to assume the worst of others and replace it with genuine curiosity to ensure that our first words and deeds create a healthy climate for ourselves and others.

Crucial Conversations

Crucial Conversation – a discussion between two or more people where stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong.

Most leaders think that organizational productivity and performance are simply about policies, processes, structures, or systems. So when their software product doesn’t ship on time, they benchmark others’ development processes. Or when productivity flags, they tweak their performance management system. When teams aren’t cooperating, they restructure.
Research shows that these types of nonhuman changes fail more often than they succeed. That’s because the real problem never was in the process, system, or structure – it was in employee behavior. The key to real change lies not in implementing a new process, but in getting people to hold one another accountable for the process. And that requires Crucial Conversations skills.

Enjoy and assess how and when you will apply what you have discovered in these articles.

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