“High Output Management” – Part 4

Management is a team activity. We learned that we also interact with a team of teams. But no matter how well a team is put together, no matter how well it is directed, the team will perform only as well as the individuals on it. In other words, everything we’ve considered so far is useless unless the members of our team will continually try to offer the best they can do.

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“High Output Management” – Part 3

We established the fact that the game of management is a team game: a manager’s output is the output of the organizations under his supervision or influence. We now discover that management is not just a team game, it is a game in which we have to fashion a team of teams, where the various individual teams exist in some suitable and mutually supportive relationship with each other.

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“High Output Management” – Part 2

The journey in the universe of the book “High Output Management” by Andrew Grove continues. In the first article we covered the management’s equation, in the second one we learned about the importance of having indicators, and now it’s time to understand the management as a team game.

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“High Output Management” – Introduction

High Output Management” by Andrew Grove is a practical and pragmatic book that covers multiple topics, insights, and ideas from the management world. This article is an introductory one about this book and it covers the role of the manager in this changing context, the management equation, and the purpose of the training in your team members’ growth.

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