Making the Matrix WORK – Communication

All the interactions and exchanges of information represent communication. Effective communication goes hand in hand with better performance.

Eliminating unnecessary communication could save you a day a week. Here are some tips to improve the relevance of communication in your team, group, community or network:

💡 Choose the right way of working

If we thing that cooperation is all about teamwork, then we will tend to share large amounts of information. In a team, we need to know what our colleagues are thinking about and working on because we are deeply interdependent. However, in groups, communities, and networks we need to share far less information.
By choosing simpler ways of working we will learn that we do not need to share so much.

💡 Move from push to pull

Push forms of communication such as email are sent to recipients because the sender thinks that the information they contain is important. They tend to interrupt and distract the recipient. Pull communication posts information in shared spaces and community areas so that it is available for those who need it and choose to seek it out.
Because individuals then decide for themselves what is important, they pull only information that is relevant to them.

💡 Dare to disconnect

Take the time to disconnect from distribution lists and sources of information that you do not really need. This is a continual process, as people consistently feel that you should know things that you do not need to know.

💡 Use social filtering

You can use social media to get feedback on what is worth paying attention to.

In Global teams we need to learn to work with colleagues in different locations, cultures (national, functional or corporate), time zones and in complex organization structure such as the matrix.

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